Professional Development Funding

Workshop Topics Available for Educators

Ohio TESOL will act as a facilitator in locating speakers on the topics listed below. Ohio TESOL also has funding assistance available for workshops which will directly impact teaching and learning for second language students.

Grant PD Adult and Higher Ed. Form and Guidelines

Grant_PD_Pre-K through 12_Form_and_Guidelines

General Topics of Interest:

  • Basic introduction to ELs and their needs
  • Guidelines and regulations for ESL programs
  • Basic Second Language Acquisition for educators
  • Issues of Refugee and Immigration students
  • Creating an ESL program in your district
  • Content – based instruction for ESL teachers and for mainstream teachers
  • Low – income EL programs
  • Training EL tutors
  • ELs in special education classrooms
  • Delta systems/ CAL training material
    • Enhancing English Language Acquisition at the Elementary Level
    • Language Acquisition at the Secondary Level
    • Paraprofessional Training
  • SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol)

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Cross – cultural understanding and communication
  • Workshops on various cultures (Spanish, Somali, Western Africa, Amish, Muslims)

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Instructional strategies for working with second language students
  • Curriculum and material selection for ELs
  • Authentic Assessment Techniques
  • Integrated / Differentiated Instruction
  • Cooperative learning techniques
  • Technology in the ESL classroom
  • Working with adolescents with limited formal schooling
  • Working with ELs in content areas classes

Reading and Writing Instruction

  • Multicultural literature for EL students
  • Teaching Reading to ELs
  • Writing Development for second language learners

Family Programming

  • Working with families of second language learners
  • Preparing second language students for kindergarten
  • Healthcare issues of refugees and immigrants
  • Family literacy programs

For information on this service or for assistance in scheduling a workshop presenter, contact Brenda Custodio or Jessica Burchett.


  • Sponsored by the United States Department of State, the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program arranges: direct one-to-one classroom exchanges to over thirty countries for teachers at all levels. Most exchanges occur for an academic year. Argentina, Mexico, and the United Kingdom offer fall-semester exchanges. The United Kingdom and Morocco offer six-week exchanges.In addition to the teacher exchanges, there are administrative exchange opportunities in Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Mexico, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Oman, Jordan, and Uruguay currently offer opportunities to host incoming administrators during site visits to the United States. Germany offers a two-week special program for U.S. principals to study school systems there for several weeks.The program also offers eight-week seminars in Italy or Greece for teachers of Italian, Latin, Greek or the Classics.For more information go to or call (800)726-0479


For information on this service or for assistance in scheduling a workshop presenter, contact Brenda Custodio or Jessica Burchett.

Contact Emily Williams ( if you need more information about Professional Development Grant Funding.


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