Submitting to the Journal

Submission Content

Ohio TESOL seeks submissions on topics of interest related to the field of TESOL, Applied Linguistics and TESOL related fields; particularly attention will be given to submissions relating to one of our four intersection: K-12, Research/Teacher Education, Adult/Refugee Education, and Postsecondary/Higher Education.  Submission on advocacy issues across the intersections are also welcomed.

Type of Submissions

  • Research Articles – Research articles include primary and secondary research studies related to TESOL and related fields.  Submissions should be between 1,000-2,000 words not including references.
  • Teaching Articles – Teaching articles include ideas, methods, techniques and lesson plans that have proved successful when working with preschool, K-12, and adult English language learners.   Submissions should be between 250-1,000 words.
  • Book Reviews – Book review submissions should be between 250-500 words on books that are relevant to our field and have been published no later than two years from the date of submission to our journal for publication.

Editing Articles

Articles received should be final draft quality and free of error, conforming to the style used throughout the Ohio TESOL Journal with references and citations reported in APA style (same style as used by TESOL Quarterly).   Submissions should be single-spaced.  Skip on line between paragraphs; do not indent.

Only the abbreviations “ESL”, “EFL”, “TESOL”, “TEFL” “TOEFL”, “ELL” and “LEP” can be used without explanation. All others should be explained first and then abbreviated (e.g., “found in writing across the curriculum (WAC) research”).  Try to avoid unfamiliar abbreviations in titles.

Use last names to refer to people in your columns (the exceptions are the less-formal “Editors’ Notes”, the president’s column, and the interest section news).

Technology related vocabulary should be consistent. At present, use the following (and let us know of any potential problems or additions):

  • “email” should not be hyphenated and should use a small e unless starting a sentence.
  • URLs should be listed in bold.
  • CD-ROM should be in all caps.
  • Names of software packages should be in italics (e.g., CommonSpace or Daedalus.) Check for certain recurring errors.

Please check that the article is in standard written English and uses the following:

  • non-sexist language
  • one space after periods, colons, semi-colons, and commas.
  • expanded contractions
  • dashes and hyphens appropriately.
  • titles italicized or in quotes, as necessary

Submissions Rules

  • Submissions received must be the original work of the author and free of errors.
  • Submissions must include author information: full name, institution, city, email, and phone numbers (day and evening); as well as a two-sentence biographical statement and photograph.
  • Accompanying images must also be original work with the exception of scans or photos of materials such as book or CD covers, as copyright images cannot be used.  Images may be submitted as a separate JPEG/PNG file of high quality resolution.


Deadlines for the Autumn publication is May 15th.
Deadlines for the Spring publication is December 15th.

To Submit

Please submit your final typed article or review by clicking on the link below, filling out the contact information, and uploading your article in Microsoft Word format (.doc). Save files as: last name_type of article (e.g. book review/research article/teaching article)_date of submission (e.g. 04022016)

If you have questions about submissions please contact Journal Editor, Dr. Fennema-Bloom at  If you have questions regarding whether an image can be used with your article, contact the Journal Layout Editor, Dr. Stefano, at before sending the image.  If you have difficulties with the website submission you may also contact our webmaster Mr. Mike Dombroski at


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