Ohio TESOL Response to Executive Order and “Travel Ban”

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Ohio TESOL Response to President Trump’s Travel Ban:
As a professional organization committed to supporting the practice of teachers of English learners at all levels around the state, Ohio TESOL understands the vital role that our member teachers, administrators and liaisons play in teaching, guiding, and advocating for our students. We are teachers of newcomers to the U.S. as students, immigrants, and refugees; and, as such, we are accustomed to our roles as advocates for our students and their families. In the current political climate, we have heard stories about harassment and prejudicial comments made by people emboldened by these times. More recently, we have heard about families who have been separated and whose plans have been delayed and halted by the recent executive orders.


As our students feel the effects of these times and carry their anxieties, fears and their trust in us with them to schools, campuses, community support centers, our member teachers and administrators are recognized as valued, knowledgeable resources for information and support. To assist our members in accessing and sharing information with families and students that is trustworthy, Ohio TESOL hopes to assist in providing connections to the larger English teaching community. As an affiliate member of TESOL International, we invite our members to support one another and share experiences, through participation in our listservs, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and to visit our website for information. These are offered for professionals working in K-12 schools, higher education and research.  We also encourage our members to join TESOL International and support their efforts and advocacy for us and our students.


On January 31st, TESOL International issued a statement on the executive order signed by President Trump. Below, are links to TESOL’s statement and a subsequent Message from the TESOL International President and Executive Director addressing the recent Order.  We also encourage you to follow the links below to the excellent list of resources included on the TESOL website.

— The TESOL January 31st, 2017 Statement on the Immigration Executive Order is found here: http://www.tesol.org/news-landing-page/2017/01/31/tesol-statement-on-immigration-executive-order


–A Message from the TESOL President & Executive Director Addressing Immigration Executive Orders – See more at: http://www.tesol.org/news-landing-page/2017/02/01/a-message-from-the-tesol-president-executive-director-addressing-immigration-executive-orders#sthash.k0oKp8if.dpuf


— The February 1, 2017 Message from the TESOL International President & Executive Director Addressing Immigration Executive Orders is found here:

–TESOL’s list of Resources on Immigration and Refugee Concerns is found here:


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